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UfE-GS Grid Simulation

Three-phase recording, analysis and simulation system

The UfEGS is a versatile system not only to log and record the low voltage network but also to simulate it based on what had been recorded in the measurement location. (voltage courses and/or electrical disturbances).
Besides that and making use of internet technology it is possible to perform measurements at different places simultaneously and to have direct and fast access to this data from a remote place.

The UfEGS consists of two powerful instruments that can be used separately or combined:

The UfEGSmc
It is a 4-Channel voltage/current waveform recorder with remote access capability that makes it ideal for measurement campaigns.

The UfEGSlt
It is a 3-Channel voltage waveform playback and simulation system that makes it ideal for lab tests.

For more information you can see the documentation or just call us.

Datenblätter zur UfEGS


Description of the system weiterführender Link (pdf)

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